Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cornett goes crude in attack ad on Stitt

GOP gubernatorial candidate Mick Cornett has gone borderline profane in his latest attack ad on fellow GOP candidate Kevin Stitt, transforming his opponent's name into a double entendre for profanity.

As if I didn't need any more reason on why to NOT vote for Mick Cornett. This sort of campaigning is absolutely shameful, and I hope the Cornett campaign crashes and burns like the Hindenburg.

There's a proper way to respond to attacks by one's opponent (Stitt is attacking Cornett on immigration and other issues), and there's a wrong way. Cornett chose the wrong way.

I don't find this type of junk to be "cute" or "funny", not one bit.

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  1. This ad has a Freddie Davis tone to it. Davis had some early success with his Uncle Jim Inhofe in the mid-90s, but he's been known more recently for weird concepts that failed to persuade. (Bob Sullivan's 2006 attack ads against Ernest Istook comes to mind, and the Demon Sheep ad in a California senate race.) Any idea who produced this?


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