Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Stitt goes after Clinton-bundler Super PAC's Cornett ads

In a fundraising email sent out yesterday, GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt went after his runoff opponent Mick Cornett over ads being run by a 'dark money' group funded in large part by a Hillary Clinton fundraising bundler.

I posted about the Clinted-bundler group back in December, when they first started to run TV ads supporting Cornett. Now, the Foundation for Economic Prosperity 'dark money' group has started running the same ads that the Oklahoma Values Super PAC previously ran. FEP had supported Todd Lamb in the primary.

Here's what Stitt had to say:
I knew when I got into this race that it wasn’t going to be easy. People warned me that running for office was going to rankle the political establishment and those who’ve failed us for so long.

As a conservative, when you rock the boat, and challenge the status quo, they come after you. But, I didn’t expect it would be with the Democrat money…

This past week, a dark money group began running ads to support my opponent in this race. The kicker? One of their biggest contributors funding this ad has donated thousands to Democrats including Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President!

That’s right, the same forces that worked to elect Hillary Clinton are trying to defeat me.

But, the reality is this is how politics as usual has worked in this state. I’ve had enough. If we’re going to lead Oklahoma to take its rightful place as a Top Ten state, we need conservative leadership, and leadership from the outside with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective.

As we countdown the hours until we enter the final month of this runoff, I’m calling on you to stand with me. My opponent needs Democrats dollars to buy his campaign. I need you. Will you generously chip in a donation of $25, $50, or ever $100, $250, or more?

Let’s show the dark money groups and Democrats who are fighting against us that conservatives across Oklahoma are rallying behind our campaign to start Oklahoma’s turnaround.

I appreciate your generous support. Let’s head into August with momentum on our side!



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