Friday, August 31, 2018

Runoff election results recap

The runoff election was held on Tuesday, and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and post about the results. There were some shockers, some nail-biters, and some expected results from the voting. Let's get right into it.

Governor: Republican Kevin Stitt defeated Mick Cornett by nine points, 54.56% to 45.44%, winning all but nine counties (OKC metro and some north-central counties). Libertarian Chris Powell defeated Rex Lawhorn 59.07% to 40.93%. The two nominess will now face Democrat Drew Edmondson in the general election.

Lieutenant Governor: Republican Matt Pinnell happily surprised me by handily defeating Dana Murphy 58.14% to 41.86%. Pinnell garnered the highest percentage and most votes of any candidate on the ballot Tuesday, winning 70 of 77 counties. Murphy lost both major metros, which she won in the primary, only pulling ahead in seven north-western counties. He faces Democrat Anastasia Pittman and Independent Ivan Holmes in the November election.

State Auditor: Despite being massively outspent, Republican Cindy Byrd edged out Charlie Prater for a 951-vote victory. It was back and forth all night until the final 50 precincts reported their numbers. Byrd received 50.17% to Prater's 49.83%. Byrd will face Libertarian John Yeutter in the general (no Democrat filed).

Attorney General: Republican Mike Hunter squeaked through the runoff on the edge of a knife, defeating Gentner Drummond by a mere 269 votes out of 296,000 cast. At 50.05% to 49.95%, this was the closest statewide race in quite some time. He will face Democrat Mark Myles in November.

State Superintendent: Republican Joy Hofmeister beat challenger Linda Murphy 56.68% to 43.32%. She will face Democrat John Cox and Independent Larry Huff in the general.

Labor Commissioner: AFL-CIO-backed Republican Leslie Osborn pulled out a victory over Cathy Costello, 52.35% to 47.65%. She will face Democrat Fred Dorrell and Independent Brandt Dismukes in November.

Corporation Commissioner: Republican Bob Anthony emerged victorious once again, beating Brian Bingman 53.61% to 46.39%.  He will face Democrat Ashley McCray and Independent Jackie Short in the general election.

1st Congressional District: Republican Kevin Hern defeated Tim Harris 54.92% to 45.08%. Democrat Tim Gilpin beat Amanda Douglas 59.38% to 40.62%. The two will face off in November.

2nd Congressional District: Democrat Jason Nichols beat Clay Padgett 56.84% to 43.16%. He will face Republican Congressman Markwayne Mullin, Libertarian Richard Castaldo, and Independent John Foreman in the general election.

4th Congressional District: Democrat Mary Brannon defeated Fred Gipson 57.51% to 42.49%. She will face Republican Congressman Tom Cole and Independent Ruby Peters in November.

5th Congressional District: Democrat Kendra Horn crushed Tom Guild 75.8% to 24.2%. She will face Republican Congressman Steve Russell in the general election.

I'll address legislative runoffs in more detail in a later post, but of the 10 Republican incumbents who were in a runoff, six conservatives, one conservative defeated his challenger (and has no general election opponent), and all three moderates won.

If you want to dig through the election results on your own, here are the results for the entire state, and here are the results by county.


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