Saturday, August 04, 2018

Hern hits Harris in new TV ad

Kevin Hern, running in the 1st Congressional District's GOP runoff, is out with a new TV ad hitting his opponent, former Tulsa DA Tim Harris, on earmarks, term limits, and attacks him as a career politician.

Ironically, back in June, Hern issued a challenge to the other GOP candidates to refrain from negative campaigning, saying, "I’m committing to a clean campaign and asking my competitors to do the same. The opportunity at hand is too important to waste by wallowing in the mud and allowing outside groups to influence the people’s vote—we should demand better. I’m also calling on each candidate to join me in making a public commitment to denounce any negative campaigning and ensure we hold all third-party groups accountable to any messages they push. I look forward to hearing from each of my opponents in joining me in this commitment."

Furthermore, while Hern did sign a pledge to co-sponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits amendment (3 House terms, 2 Senate terms), much like Markwayne Mullin did, he has made it a point to say that he personally won't hold to a self-imposed term limit (unlike Jim Bridenstine and Tom Coburn).

Term limits for thee, but not for me, apparently. I consider it to be hypocritical to claim support for term limits only if everyone else is required to hold to them as well. If you truly believe that term limits are a good thing, then you do what Jim Bridenstine and Tom Coburn did and actually follow through on that belief with action.


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