Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Election Results Map: GOP AG Primary

For the latest installment in my Election Results Maps series, we now take a look at the GOP primary for Attorney General. As is my custom, I try to match primary results map colors to campaign logos when possible.

Vote leader Mike Hunter had outright majorities in 18 counties along the Texas and Arkansas borders, with plurality leads in 43 counties. Second-place candidate Gentner Drummond pulled majority totals in two counties, while posting plurality leads in 14 others, primarily in the Tulsa metro and media market.

Third-place candidate Angela Bonilla received a low vote of ~9% and a high of ~21%, mostly in the 13% to 18% range statewide.

As no candidate received an outright majority, Hunter and Drummond will face off in the August 28th runoff.

I will be getting to other races in the coming week.


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