Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Election Results Map: GOP Labor Comm Primary

For the latest installment in my Election Results Maps series, we now take a look at the GOP Labor Commissioner race. As is my custom, I try to match primary results map colors to campaign logos when possible.

Both vote leader Cathy Costello and second-place Leslie Osborn had outright majorities in one county each. Costello held a plurality lead in 51 counties, while Osborn did so in 18 counties.

Third-place candidate Keith Swinton got plurality leads in five southeastern counties, and received 30%+ and/or second-place in almost every other county in the southeastern quadrant of the state. In most of the rest of the state, he was in the high-teens or low- to mid-20s.

Latimer County was a dead tie between Costello and Osborn (166 votes, 33.67%), with Swinton a close third (161 votes, 32.66%).

As no candidate received an outright majority, Costello and Osborn will face each other in the August 28th runoff election.

UPDATE: Leslie Osborn has been caught issuing a false claim of endorsement by Swinton, whose voters will decide the runoff election. Read all about it here.


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