Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stitt launches first TV ad for runoff

New TV ad features Sarah Stitt speaking about Kevin’s Christian values & the conservative leadership he will deliver as governor of Oklahoma

TULSA, Oklahoma (July 24, 2018) – The Kevin Stitt for Governor campaign announced today its first TV ad in the Republican primary runoff for governor titled “Anniversary.”  The ad features the candidate’s wife, Sarah Stitt, talking about their family’s Christian values and how Kevin Stitt will deliver strong conservative leadership to Oklahoma.

“Kevin and I met a little over 20 years ago at church. We got married and we built our business here in Oklahoma. Today, we have six children. So, yes, we are pro-life,” opens Sarah Stitt. “Kevin’s faith is what drives him. And for him, serving as governor is about bringing a new kind of leadership to Oklahoma.”
“The state of Oklahoma needs a leader like Kevin,” Sarah Stitt continues. “We need a strong conservative who is not afraid to make the tough decisions for our children and for our grandchildren.”

Sarah Stitt often joins Kevin Stitt on the campaign trail, speaking alongside him about their shared desire to temporarily leave the company and serve the state. The Stitts speak about a vision to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state and how they believe this will require a shakeup at the State Capitol that ends politics as usual.

The ad echoes Kevin Stitt’s campaign mantra that he is committed, as a conservative political outsider, to lead the state in being a problem solver and making decisions for the next generation, not the next election.


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