Friday, July 13, 2018

Election Results Map: GOP Gubernatorial Primary

For the latest installment in my Election Results Maps series, we now take a look at the GOP primary for Governor. As is my custom, I try to match primary results map colors to campaign logos when possible, although sometimes I have to differentiate for contrast.

As with every other Republican statewide race with three or more candidates, this one is going to the August runoff. I have maps further detailing the top-3 finishes for the top five vote-getting candidates, which we'll get into right now.

Mick Cornett took the top spot with 29.34%, on the strength of his 45.28% percentage in Oklahoma County; the second highest percentage in the primary (the top went to Todd Lamb in Marshall County at 45.49%). Cornett was over 40% in Cleveland and Payne counties as well. He took "gold" in 24 counties, grabbed "silver" in 14 counties, got "bronze" in 21 counties, and finished fourth or worse in 18 counties (unique among the top three candidates).

Cornett's worst showing was in Choctaw County, where he finished in sixth-place, one vote ahead of Blake "Cowboy" Stephens.

Kevin Stitt edged into the runoff with 24.41% of the vote, a mere 2,494 votes ahead of Todd Lamb. Stitt's top percentage came in Okmulgee, where he won with 34.34%. Tulsa County was his second-highest, with 32.6%. He took gold in 13 counties, silver in 34 counties, and bronze in the remaining 30 counties.

Stitt's worst showing was in Jefferson County, where he was a very distant second with 13.14%.

Todd Lamb came in third with 23.86% of the vote, just 1.3 votes per precinct from getting into the runoff. His top percentage was in Marshall County at 45.49% (top in the race), and Lamb was over 40% in Love, Jefferson, Harper and Dewey counties as well. Lamb won gold in a majority (39) of Oklahoma's 77 counties, garnering silver in 24 counties, and bronze in the remaining 14 counties.

Lamb's worst showing was third-place in Payne County at 18.5%, with three counties (Oklahoma, Logan and Cleveland) at 19%.

Two other candidates won "medals" in the gubernatorial primary: Dan Fisher and Gary Jones.

Fisher won McCurtain County with 26.99% of the vote, took silver in 4 counties, and bronze in 7 more counties. Other than Cimarron County in the Panhandle, all of Fisher's top counties were in southern or southeastern Oklahoma. He had over 10% of the vote in 23 counties. Fisher's worst showing was 3.74% in Harmon County.

Jones got 23.17% and silver in Comanche County, and took bronze in 5 more counties. Jones had over 10% of the vote in eight counties. His worst showing was 1.63% in Harper County.

Of note, Gary Richardson failed to crack the top three in any county, breaking the 10% line in just four counties (Muskogee, Sequoyah, Ottawa, and Cherokee). His top county was Muskogee at 11.73% (fourth-place), while his worst was 1.09% in Major County (seventh-place). Richardson finished behind Blake Stephens in 19 counties.

Blake "Cowboy" Stephens reached 11.84% and fourth-place in Mayes County. Stephens finished ahead of Jones in about eight counties, and ahead of Richardson (as mentioned above) in 19. Other than Mayes County, he had a fifth-place showing in Harper County, but elsewhere was sixth or seventh.

None of the remaining three candidates broke out of the bottom three.


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