Monday, July 09, 2018

Election Results Map: Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary

For the latest installment in my Election Results Maps series, we now take a look at the GOP primary for Corporation Commission. As is my custom, I try to match primary results map colors to campaign logos when possible.

In the only Libertarian primary this year, three candidates split the vote enough to bring Libertarian voters back to the polls in August for a runoff election.

Chris Powell took in 48.9% of the vote, falling just shy out clinching the nomination for Oklahoma's newest political party. He garnered a majority in 34 counties, and plurality wins in another 19 counties.

Rex Lawhorn came in second with 32.43% of the vote. He won 12 counties outright, and had plurality victories in four more counties.

Third-place candidate Joe Exotic received the majority vote in two counties, and a plurality in one county. He took 18.66% of the vote statewide.

Two counties ended in a tie between Powell and Lawhorn, while one was a tie between Lawhorn and Exotic. Two counties on the western border with Texas had no votes cast in the Libertarian primary.

With only 3,558 votes statewide, some counties had very few Libertarian ballots cast. In Beaver, Cimarron, Coal, Ellis, Grant, Harper, and Major counties only one Libertarian voted, while in Tillman County two Libertarian votes were cast.


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