Friday, October 29, 2010

Brecheen Responds to Gumm's False Attacks

State Sen. Jay Paul Gumm (D-Durant) has launched a desperate, last-minute attack ad against his surging Republican challenger, Josh Brecheen. The attack ad is filled with flaws, and out-and-out lies. The Brecheen campaign issued the following press release, and is now airing the following response commercial.

Gumm recently claimed to have a 16-point lead, the day after a Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates poll showed Brecheen leading by 6%. This attack by Gumm is a desperation 'Hail Mary', and is definitely not indicative of a campaign that has a huge lead.

Brecheen Campaign Refutes Gumm’s False and Misleading Smears in his Latest Media Ads

Coalgate, OK – Incumbent Senator Jay Paul Gumm is running last-minute television ads containing false allegations intending to mislead District 6 voters about Josh’s background and character. These misrepresentations and smears insult the intelligence of our friends and neighbors and degrade the ideal of public service. We are disappointed that the members of the media involved chose to run these negative advertisements and hope that the media and print news organizations take seriously their duty to the public to investigate the allegations and expose these misrepresentations.

Specifically, the campaign responds to these attacks as follows:

1. Allegations that Josh is not really a rancher and doesn’t have a ranch because he does not pay property taxes. Response: These are knowing and intentional lies by Mr. Gumm. As everyone in Clarita and Olney knows, Josh operates a 160 acre ranch at the junction of routes 48 and 31. He and Kacie pay property taxes on their own home in Olney, located on 5 acres that have been in the family for two generations.

2. Allegation that Josh doesn’t own a ranch truck. Response: Josh owns a truck with farm tags. (Is this really important to Mr. Gumm?)

3. Allegation that Josh didn’t vote before he began work for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. Response: Before his work for Senator Coburn, Josh voted in Stillwater (Payne County) where Josh attended OSU College of Agriculture. Mr. Gumm intentionally misleads voters by referencing only Coal County election records.

4. Allegation that Josh “took $250,000 of government payments from the taxpayers.” Response: This is almost six years’ worth of salary added together for effect, which he earned as the field representative for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn in Southeast Oklahoma. This full-time position paid Josh an average of approximately $45,000 per year, which is about what Mr. Gumm makes in four months as a member of the third highest part-time paid legislative body in America.

These lies and false representations were not unexpected from Mr. Gumm, who is obviously desperate to shift the focus of the discussion away from the unethical financial practices of lawmakers, who have earned an “F” rating in transparency of financial reporting from the Center for Public Integrity.

Senator Gumm himself has left many questions unanswered, such as what exactly he did for his large payments for “consulting” from special interests in the district. Investigative journalist Andrew Griffin researched this just recently and did not receive an answer from Mr. Gumm. Questions remain on how he affords, on a legislator’s salary, a new house and large new automobiles and multiple rental houses – see information here and here. And also, how his 2006 campaign managed to spend $260,000 on a campaign in which he didn’t even have an opponent.

We expect that the false charges and desperate attack ads from Senator Gumm will continue right up until Election Day, but trust that our neighbors in the district will thoughtfully consider the source and focus on the opportunity to finally bring a man described by Senator Coburn as a person with “no arrogance” and “no guile” to represent us in Oklahoma City.

We respectfully ask that voters ignore the false charges from Senator Gumm and vote for Josh Brecheen.

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  1. It is happening all over the state. Latest Sooner Poll shows it is helping the Republican candidates, so let 'em keep it up.

    Just stay on the high road.

    Bobbie McAuliffe
    Poteau, OK

  2. Jamison

    Have to take issue with your criticism.

    You talk about the 3rd highest paying legislature in the nation as if it is a bad thing. Most of the readers think it is a bad thing because of the biased bloggers saying it so. Do we want a legislature of millionairs who do not represent the majority of OK. Get rid of the complete salary and retirement benefits if you are true to your argument, but wait, many R legislators will not go along. It reminds me of the complete hypocritical statement that "I am in favor of smaller gov't,.... but as long as I can get a job in it".

    Then you reposting a summary of Andrew Griffin's post. I know Andrew and have worked with him on a few issues. But creating a hit piece and using 1 anonymous source (an old fart with an ax to grind), his piece lacks foundation and credibility, much like your reposting of it.

    Your blog, you are entitled to post your opinion. But at least get the facts straight and you did not. By the way, do I need to send to you a copy of the letter from the state judge and his comments about the scolding of Josh that was sent to Sen Coburn? Josh is just another wantabe's that think he will end up in the gov man or in DC later in life just because he was a field rep for a US Senator. A career politician in the making.

    Wayne Rohde

  3. Wayne, everything below the video was the Brecheen campaign's rebuttal press release - not my work.

  4. Jamison,

    Thanks for explaining it. Your credibility has been restored and Josh's campaign keeps sinking lower. Sure glad when election is over and the political consultants are not running things anymore. Oh, wait, but that is what is happening at the state capitol on a daily business.

    Hope the weather is treating you well in Muskogee.


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