Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Statewide candidates loan their campaigns money... lots of it

Last night was the deadline for campaigns to file their ethics reports for the past reporting period (8/10-10/18). One of the most interesting tidbits I noticed about these reports is how many of the statewide candidates loaned their campaigns money, and how much they gave.

  • Gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins (D) loaned herself $300,000 on September 21st, and $50,000 on October 18th. That brings her campaign-to-date total to $1,225,000.
  • State Auditor candidate Steve Burrage (D) loaned himself $225,000 on September 2nd, $136,000 on September 14th, and $100,000 on September 7th. His campaign-to-date total is $486,193.60.
  • Treasurer candidate Ken Miller (R) loaned himself $50,000 on October 18th.
  • State Superintendent candidate Janet Barresi (R) loaned herself $456,345.44 on October 1st, bringing her campaign-to-date total to $731,345.44.
  • Labor Commissioner candidate Mark Costello (R) loaned himself $75,000 on August 31st, $60,000 on September 30th, and $20,000 on October 18th. His campaign-to-date total is $483,662.78.
  • Insurance Commissioner candidate John Doak (R) loaned himself $53,500 on August 11th, $10,000 on August 16th, $40,000 on August 18th, $25,000 on August 20th, and $50,000 on October 15th. That makes his campaign-to-date total $213,600.
In this past reporting period, two Democrat statewide candidates loaned their campaigns a total $811,000.00, while four Republican statewide candidates gave their campaigns $786,345.44.


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