Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stillwater State Rep hands out reelection material in elementary school

Democrat State Representative Cory Williams (Stillwater) has come under some fire from parents of children at Sangre Ridge Elementary School in Stillwater, after Williams passed out his re-election campaign fliers during a class in which he was invited to speak about community involvement. Williams is in the midst of a tough re-election bid against Republican challenger Ryan Smith.

I have obtained a copy of an email sent by Sangre Ridge Elementary School Principal Ryan Blake after the incident:
Good Afternoon Sangre Parents,

I would like to provide some clarification regarding a unique situation that took place at Sangre Ridge today.  Second grade at Sangre Ridge is currently studying a unit on Community and how workers within the community impact our daily lives.  In order to create an engaging dialogue with students, a second grade teacher invited family and friends, who work within the community, to speak with the 2nd grade students.  In response to the teacher’s request, a second grade parent invited a current political candidate to discuss his role in the community.  This classroom discussion revolved around working with citizens to build a successful community.  This discussion with students was brief but ended with the political candidate distributing information cards to one class of 2nd grade students. The information cards have since been removed from the students and classroom.  I have been in contact with both political candidates and explained the situation in its entirety.

It is important to note that Stillwater Public Schools and Sangre Ridge Elementary do not endorse any one candidate or political party.

Please contact Ryan Blake at Sangre Ridge with any questions.  533-6360


Ryan Blake
Principal, Sangre Ridge Elementary School

The picture above, taken from Facebook before the pictures were removed, clearly shows that Rep. Williams had handed his pushcard to the schoolchildren and the teacher. Passing out campaign material during class, especially when the individual in question is on the ballot and was not invited as a candidate but as an elected official, shows poor judgment on the part of the candidate/elected official.

Kudos to Principal Blake for jumping on this situation promptly. Schools are meant for learning, not campaign stops for incumbent politicians. State Rep. Cory Williams should have realized that he was there for strictly educational purposes.


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