Friday, October 15, 2010

Muskogee Tea Party PAC Announces 2010 Endorsements

Muskogee Tea Party PAC Announces 2010 Endorsements

MUSKOGEE --  With 18 days left until voters go to the polls, this week the Muskogee Tea Party PAC announced their endorsements for the 2010 general election. 

For candidates outside of Oklahoma, the Muskogee Tea Party PAC endorsed U.S. Senate hopefuls, Joe Miller of Alaska, Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sharron Angle of Nevada, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Within the state of Oklahoma, the Muskogee Tea Party PAC endorsed Dr. Tom Coburn for U.S. Senate, Charles Thompson for U.S. House (District 2), Mary Fallin for Governor, and a vote AGAINST State Question 744.

Regarding Coburn, Muskogee Tea Party PAC Chairman Jamison Faught said, “Dr. Tom Coburn has been perhaps the strongest and most effective advocate for stopping runaway government spending.  Dr. Coburn stood up against his own party when they were spending billions of dollars we didn’t have, and he continues to stand up today to fight for fiscal sanity as massive budget deficits eclipse records. Tom Coburn will continue to be a stalwart defender and advocate for Constitutionally limited - and fiscally responsible - government.”

About Thompson, Faught said, “The Muskogee Tea Party chose to endorse Charles Thompson because he will provide the 2nd District with a Congressman who will be responsive to the people, follow the Constitution, and because he has a track record of serving our nation. A a 20 year Army veteran, who retired as a Major, Charles Thompson will truly fight for free market principles, lower taxation, traditional values, and adherence to the Constitution.”

“In the Governor’s race, Mary Fallin was the clear choice for our group,” Faught said. “She has a proven track record of conservatism, both on the state and federal levels. Mary can be trusted to bring much-needed improvements to Oklahoma government, such as lawsuit and workers’ compensation reform. She will be a strong leader in creating a pro-business environment to grow Oklahoma’s economy, and she will stand up when Washington oversteps its bounds. In turbulent times like these, Oklahoma needs a true conservative at the helm - and Mary Fallin will be such a leader.”

“Our group is very concerned about State Question 744, and the extremely negative impact that it would have on our state,” Faught said. “There is a reason why nearly every Republican and Democrat public official is opposed to SQ744 - because SQ744 will turn Oklahoma’s budget and economy into a wreck that makes California’s budget crisis look like a rose. The Muskogee Tea Party and other opponents of SQ744 are not against education by any stretch of the imagination - but SQ744 is the wrong way to go about reforming Oklahoma education.  It is vital that State Question 744 be defeated this election, and that’s why the Muskogee Tea Party is opposed to this measure.”

The Muskogee Tea Party is a non-partisan grassroots group of everyday Oklahomans who are concerned about the direction the country is moving in, and who disapprove of out-of-control government spending, excessive taxation, and lack of adherence to the Constitution.  To learn more about the Muskogee Tea Party, visit, or call (918) 869-6000.


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