Friday, October 01, 2010

Thompson Slams Boren's Adjournment Vote

Charles Thompson, the GOP 2nd District congressional candidate, issued the following press release slamming Congressman Dan Boren for his vote for adjournment.

Dr. Thompson Statement on Rep. Dan Boren’s Vote To Kill Economic Recovery

(Hulbert, OK) 30 September 2010 – Oklahoma U.S. Congressional District 2 Republican candidate, Dr. Charles Thompson, offered a scathing criticism of current representative Dan Boren’s vote in the House yesterday to adjourn the U.S. House of Representatives without considering extending tax cuts that are already in place but are due to expire: “This is just one more example, in what seems to be an endless supply of examples, of Boren’s voting against the will of the people and voting with the will of Nancy Pelosi”.

            Yesterday afternoon’s vote was the result of a motion by House Democrats to adjourn before consideration of extending “Bush-era tax cuts”.  The final Roll Call on the motion to adjourn was 210 to 209 with the 210 being in favor of adjournment without tax-cut discussion.  “I agree whole-heartedly with House Minority Leader John Boehner’s statement ‘that a vote to adjourn is a vote to raise taxes’ and I’ll take it several steps further.  To leave Washington without dealing with some of the tough economic issues facing America right now is beyond dereliction of duty, it is absolute cowardice.”  Thompson went on to say; “Boren’s vote, yes his single vote as evidenced by the 210 to 209 passage, paves the way for the largest tax increase on hard working Americans…hard working Oklahomans…in the history of the United States.  Dan Boren’s vote negatively impacted an entire nation.”

            Boren, who often refers to himself and is touted in the media as a “Blue-Dog”, likes to “talk the Conservative talk” while speaking with constituents in Eastern Oklahoma but has a proven track record of voting with the Nancy Pelosi agenda to the tune of 90% of the time.  Thompson stated: “If Boren had voted based on his rhetoric, the possibility of extending badly needed tax cuts would be alive and well right now.  Instead, due to his reckless and inexcusable action yesterday, he has killed the likelihood of pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-economic freedom, and less government legislation”.

            The affect of letting the current tax cuts expire in the middle of harsh economic conditions, with the threat of harder times ahead based on the current administration’s own analysts, was addressed by Mr. Thompson: “Mr. Boren and I differ philosophically.  He believes in redistribution of wealth and government superiority.  I believe in less government interventions and the principles of the free-market.  He votes for big government…I abhor big government.  He believes in misleading the good people of Eastern Oklahoma…I believe in serving the citizens, my neighbors, here in District 2.  Dan Boren exhibits the traits of so many in Washington, the traits of a Ruling-Class…I’m just a citizen, not a career politician, who wants my country back.”


  1. Isn't this a tricky situation? Republicans want to slam Boren for voting yes, but don't want to point out that Mary Fallin did not even vote. She could have evened the vote count. Should citizens of District 2 make a big deal about this vote in hopes of losing votes for Boren or should they not make much ado about this in hopes that Fallin won't lose votes?

  2. Mr. Thompson is not running against Mary Fallin.

    No need for him to point out the differences between himself and the candidate for Governor.

    Bobbie McAuliffe
    Poteau, OK

  3. Isn't it hypocritical to denounce one candidate and not the other - even though they are in different races? We should be above pointing out the flaws in a Democrat candidate and hiding similar flaws in a Republican candidate.

  4. It depends on the circumstances. In this case, Mr. Thompson is running against Mr. Boren. He need only point out the differences between himself and the incumbent.

    It would be hypocritical of you or I or a news organization to do that.

    Ms. Fallin answers to the voters of the 5th district for her activity in Washington. And maybe to some statewide in the Governor's race.

    Ms. Askins might have something to say about it, but I do not think Mr. Thompson speaks for Ms. Askins.

    Bobbie McAuliffe
    Poteau, OK

  5. Who ever DJ is should go to a liberal blog because this person is apparently not a conservative! Some people make no sense and should just stay in the closet!


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