Friday, October 01, 2010

Gun Owners of America rates Oklahoma candidates

Gun Owners of America, the other national pro-gun lobby, has issued their candidate ratings for the state of Oklahoma.

Sen. Tom Coburn received an A+, meaning he's a "Pro-Gun Leader" who "introduces pro-gun legislation". His opponent, Jim Rogers, did not answer the questionnaire.

Reps. John Sullivan (OK-1) and Tom Cole (OK-4) got an A - meaning "philosophically sound" and a "Pro-Gun Voter". Rep. Frank Lucas also received an A, while his Democrat opponent, Frankie Robbins, got a D- (Leans Anti-Gun: Usually against us).

Rep. Dan Boren got an A- (Pro-Gun Voter: philosophically sound), and his Republican challenger, Charles Thompson, got an A.

Tom Coburn is the only candidate who has been endorsed by GOA so far this cycle in Oklahoma.