Sunday, February 13, 2022

70 to 7: Oklahoma Dems now lead voter registration in just SEVEN counties

Here we go with the latest installment of my long-running Voter Registration Maps series. These statistics are from the annual January 15th report from the State Election Board(For nostalgia purposes, Democrats can look at my first map and see how much of Oklahoma was still blue and dark-blue in 2013)

Since last January, the GOP has taken the lead in eight counties: Atoka County (3.1% lead), Caddo County (4.22% lead), Choctaw County (2.54% lead), Greer County (5.32% lead), Haskell County (2.51% lead), Hughes County (2.28% lead), Johnston County (5.31% lead), and Murray County (4.83% lead)

Democrats now hold the plurality or majority in just seven of seventy-seven counties: Cherokee County (6.05% lead), Coal County (27.04% lead), Harmon County (2.25% lead), Latimer County (7.05% lead), McIntosh County (5.74% lead), Muskogee County (0.62% lead), and Pushmataha County (2.65% lead). By next year, that very well may be reduced to just four, or even three.

In January 2020, Democrats held majority status in 14 counties. As of January 15th of 2022, that had shrunk to just Coal County (58.1%).

Major County has the widest gap, with 78.66% Republicans and 11.09% Democrats (a distance of 67.57%).

Independents comprise 17.18% of all registered voters, and rank over 20% in two counties: Comanche (21.69%), and Oklahoma (20.27%). Libertarians are now 0.811% statewide, and over 1% in 3 counties: Canadian (1.006%), Jackson (1.07%), Payne (1.067%).

Over the coming week (hopefully), we'll take a look at some more statistics and maps.


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