Saturday, February 26, 2022

T.W. Shannon seems to be considering another Senate bid following Inhofe's retirement

The latest potential candidate to be publicly considered his options in the wake of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe's retirement, here is a statement from former State House Speaker T.W. Shannon:

Jim Inhofe’s expected retirement announcement today after an almost 40 year career in DC mark’s an end of an era in Oklahoma politics. I am grateful for his support of the American military, his fight against radical environmental extremism and for those times when he did stand for the America First Agenda.

As we look to the next generation of leadership, like most Oklahomans, my family and I recognize that Washington politicians have failed America. They’ve failed on debt and spending, failed to contain China and Russia, failed to secure our border, failed on election integrity and they have failed on the other great pandemic that’s infected our culture: wokeism.

If Donald Trump taught us anything, it’s that if we are going to Make America Great Again and implement the America First Agenda, we must first acknowledge that the swamp is never going to reform the swamp.

In order to win this fight against Joe Biden and the ruling political class’ globalist BLM agenda, it’s going to require a bold, articulate, decisive leader who can speak truth to power, and not bend to the pressure of the Woke mob- even against the leadership of your own party.

This country and this state have been far too good to me to sit back and become the generation who allows our republic to retreat from its proper role in history. Despite Washington’s best effort, America still stands as Ronald Reagan so aptly described, a “shining city upon a hill.”

Putting people in office to join the good ole boys’ club who will just manage the decay is no longer good enough for a small state with big dreams. I’ve never shied away from a fight just because I’m the underdog, especially a fight that impacts the future of my children—your children—our children are worth the fight.

In such a time as this my family and I are seeking God’s guidance on how our gifts and talents can best be of service to the people of Oklahoma in the fight to defend the 3 C’s that made this country great in the first place: the Constitution, Capitalism, and Christianity for religious liberty.

Please keep us in your prayers.
Here's his Instagram post the announcement was taken from:


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