Wednesday, August 05, 2020

CD5 Runoff: Neese lays into Bice for tax-hike voting record

Over in the 5th Congressional District, Terry Neese (who placed first in the primary with 36.48%) is starting to hammer on Stephanie Bice (25.41% in the primary). Here's her latest press release, highlighting Bice's record on supporting the largest tax in state history (HB 1010XX in 2018):

After voting for the largest tax increase in state history, Bice is the last person Oklahomans can trust to stop the Democrats’ socialist agenda in Congress

Oklahoma City, OK -- Career politician Stephanie Bice is far from the so-called “conservative” she portrays to voters on the campaign trail - and her liberal record on taxes proves it. Since Bice will continue to lie to voters in a desperate attempt to advance her political career, it’s time for voters to get to know the real Stephanie Bice.

THE FAKE STEPHANIE BICE: Claims to be the only candidate who could stop Joe Biden’s economic proposal that calls for tax hikes and policies that would not help our recovering economy.

THE REAL STEPHANIE BICE: In the state senate, Bice voted for a $474 million revenue package - the largest tax increase in Oklahoma history.

Matt Langston, Neese campaign spokesman said: “Given Bice’s dangerous record of voting for $474 million in spending - the largest tax increase in state history - she is the last person Oklahomans can trust to stop the Democrats’ socialist agenda in Congress. Her blatant hypocrisy is astounding - but just like any career politician, Bice would rather peddle shameless lies than be truthful about her record to voters.”



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