Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Charlie Meadows and OCPAC on today's runoff elections

Conservative stalwart Charlie Meadows and the organization he presided over for many years (the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee) emailed out his oft-anticipated Charlie's Picks yesterday on today's runoff election. Here they are, along with a section with detail on the races in Tulsa:


[Today,] Tuesday, August 25th is primary runoff election day for 2020.

The following picks are simply my opinions based on extensive research. Helping me with these were Don Spencer of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A), Liza Greve of Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights (OKHPR), and, to a lesser degree, the iVoter Guide.

Readers may have information I am unaware of and have a different opinion. That is fine.

My problem with Bice is that she has proven not to be a conservative. Her six-year average score is 56 on The Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper's Conservative Index. Find it here.

While she has voted properly on some OK2A bills, Don Spencer has indicated she has been unfriendly and uncooperative with OK2A. I believe Bice has a slightly better chance to beat Horn in November.

I am concerned about the vicious personal attacks by both sides. I fear these will cause some voters not to support the eventual winner. This must not happen.

Right now, Horn is irrelevant in Washington. Her presence there serves only to allow Nancy Pelosi to continue as the wicked witch of Washington, D. C. A witch who brews up a new lie each day to oppose anything good.

If I could vote in HD5, it would be for Neese. My reason is simple. She most likely will not hold that seat for very long, assuming she found a way to beat Horn.

Should Bice win, she might become a lifer like Cole and Lucas. She could hold office for decades moving Washington D. C. politics further to the left.

Regardless of the winner, I will support them in November.


Jackson was a solid conservative for many years before it became popular to be a Republican in Southeastern Oklahoma. He is well respected in his community.

His opponent has, in my opinion, the most effective, but ruthless, consultant in the state. His opponent's consultant is a person capable of crafting campaign pieces full of lies and half truths and somehow still sleep at night. This consultant is also capable of supplying large sums of finances for his candidates which come with some level of strings attached.

I endorsed Larry Boggs during the primary based on his 83 conservative Index score in 2019.

However, his score of 56 for 2020 shows his 2019 score to be an anomaly as his lifetime average score is only a 62. I like Senator Boggs. However, he has simply cast too many liberal votes over the past 8 years.

Warren Hamilton attended an OCPAC meeting where we gave him about 3 minutes to speak. He was impressive.

Should he win, we will interview him for the general election. November will be tough because of the nasty primary. The winner will face a viable Democrat running for the McAlester seat once held by Gene Stipe.


Ron is a horrible senator and a real lackey for the government schools which are now turning our children into little socialists. If elected, he can only serve 4 more years because of term limits.

His opponent is an even worse choice. Shane Jett was a horrible state representative. Jett is a past recipient of OCPAC's RINO-of-the-year award.

Regrettably, Jett is the odds-on favorite. If elected, he can serve 6 years (ugh). Another problem with Jett is his many years as a Tribal employee. He has just filed a lawsuit against one of the Chief's claiming an unlawful firing, by the way.

We don't need additional lawmakers with ties to the Tribes until we see the extent of damage done by the Supreme Court's decision allowing reservations in Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, the citizens of Pott and East Oklahoma county chose big money candidates like Jett and Sharp rather than the quality candidate, Brandon Baumgarten. We hope to see Brandon again in future election cycles.


Cheryl is, without question, the better of the candidates. She is not likely to win, but you would do well to vote for her.

Mr. Creekpaum is the well-financed Tulsa attorney.

He is hostile to gun rights and is not likely to be friendly to parents who believe children are not to be owned or controlled by government.

In other words, will be a lackey for the education union and will support the continuation of our failed government schools.

Cheryl would be a fantastic Senator!


Four years ago I warned that Paul Scott would not be a conservative, but would instead be a lackey of the government schools.

Because Mr. Scott protested, John Michener gave him a chance to come to OCPAC and make his case. (John Michener was at the time serving as President of OCPAC.)

Paul Scott is a very likable fellow. However, voting for likable fellows is one of our problems. We vote for people who we like rather than how those people will govern.

I was correct, by the way. Senator Scott's lifetime conservative index score is a paltry 49.

Of the 40 Republican Senators, only these 3 have scored lower:
John Montgomery of Lawton (48)
Chris Kidd of Addington (48)
Tom Dugger of Stillwater (44).
Tom is the most liberal Republican Senator in Oklahoma.

With that said, I believe Paul Scott's opponent would even be worse.


Just have not been able to find out much info on these candidates.


iVoter Guide has her as the more conservative.

I have not interviewed either of these candidates.

However, I have two other sources who agree with iVoter Guide.

I am suspect of Margie's opponent, Clay Iiams. He has the consultant I mentioned earlier. I believe him to be the most effective, yet the most corrupting influence in the state.

With that in mind, I'd like to talk a bit about her opponent's consultant. It is important, because he also handles another race we will be discussing.

Side note:
My opinion of the consultant running the race for Clay Iiams 

I have observed this consultant over many years. For this reason, I believe that I have a good idea of how he operates. In my opinion, he wants to be known as a "king" maker. Therefore, he cares little about what a candidate stands for.

He is looking for what I would suggest are "politically attractive" candidates. Reasonably wealthy individuals. Or ,those able to raise enough money to pay his exorbitant fees and can win. It helps if the candidate is well known in the district and a member of several civic organizations.

I believe this consultant likes his candidate to spend most of his or her money during the primary or primary runoff elections so he can start introducing his candidates to unknown and unexpected contributors. The consultant hopes to build a certain loyalty toward him.

I believe this consultant desires the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore to be elected by lawmakers he helped to elect, thus making him a powerful King maker. Maybe a few times each year, he might lean on the little Kings he helped to get elected to support important legislation some of the donors that provided money for his candidates want passed.

Winning is all important as it builds his reputation as the winning consultant, the king maker and sure to bring him much business in the future. Many long time activists know what I am speaking about.

If my opinions are correct, I have just lifted the covers so anyone can understand the ugly underbelly of the Republican political system. I look forward to the day a sufficient number of voters demand solid conservatives with Christian values rather than falling for that which is slick, moderate or even liberal.

I have interviewed both of the candidates in this district which covers East Edmond to Luther and the Choctaw area.

Both Margaret and her opponent, Preston Stinson, are a little green on the issues but both seemed open to learning, especially Margaret.

Margaret was just a little more liberty minded and has had some very strong conservative and Christian influences throughout her life.

I believe Margaret is a natural to be a very good lawmaker. I am not as optimistic about the the legislative potential for Mr. Stinson. He hired the same problematic consultant I just spoke about when discussing Clay Iiams.

Of course, Mr. Stinson has far more campaign money than Margaret.

Margaret's best hope might come as a result of the third and fourth finishers who are endorsing her.

I Believe the incumbent sheriff is at best poor in handling money or at worst, corrupt.

Therefore, we had Mr. Johnson come to OCPAC this past Wednesday to speak and field a few questions. I believe he passionately wants to do a good job as the Oklahoma County Sheriff.

Though he has been in law enforcement for several years, he will need to surround himself with wise counsel, as he is only 31. In personal conversation before the meeting I found him teachable in a very good way.

Mr. Pearson has far and away been the finest Commissioner we have had in the over the 30-plus years I have lived in Logan County.

Has he been perfect? Absolutely not. However, he has a servant's heart and does his best to help his constituents. I have been asked several times to run for this position but refuse because the resources are simply not available to satisfy the needs much less the wants of the people and believe me people can be quite irrational in their demands.

I did attend a meeting recently sponsored by his opponent. I was open to a change if the young man had plausible new ideas. Unfortunately, he did not!

Since that meeting I have also discovered Mike's opponent has been the defendant in 4 different lawsuits in recent years. Not a good sign.

~ Charlie Meadows

August 25, 2020

OCPAC urges our Tulsa readership to become familiar with the information below regarding propositions for the city and the legislative races in your districts.


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