Monday, August 24, 2020

'OK Baptists for Abolishing Abortion' endorses Warren Hamilton for State Senate

Oklahoma Baptists for Abolishing Abortion Endorses Warren Hamilton for District 7 Oklahoma Senate

Owasso— August 18, 2020 — Oklahoma Baptists for Abolishing Abortion wholeheartedly endorses Warren Hamilton for the District 7 Senate seat. ‪On Tuesday, August 25th‬ voters living in Oklahoma State Senate District 7 have a great opportunity to choose a principled statesman over a political swamp creature by voting FOR challenger Warren Hamilton over eight-year incumbent Senator Larry Boggs.

We are very disappointed to see the Boggs’ campaign resorting to half-truths and outright lies about Warren Hamilton. As Oklahoma Baptists we want everyone to know that Warren Hamilton is a member in good standing of an Oklahoma Southern Baptist congregation. Any suggestion that he is part of a cult would be laughable if it were not such a libelous lie. We need more people like Warren Hamilton in the Oklahoma Legislature. Warren Hamilton is a convictional conservative who has endorsed the Southern Baptist Resolution on Abolishing Abortion, and less people like Larry Boggs (who will say or do anything to hang onto his political power).

Join us in helping Warren Hamilton defeat Larry Boggs in the ‪August 25th‬ runoff and put Hamilton’s name on the ballot for the November election. Both men are ranchers and they know that even politicians need to be “put out to pasture” from time to time.

Pastor Bill Ascol
Bethel Baptist Church (Owasso, OK)


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