Thursday, August 06, 2020

OKC Council candidate on crime: "how is stealing things making Americans unsafe"?

Oklahoma City's city council election isn't until February 9th, 2021, but candidates are already lining up to run. Incumbent Ward 1 councilman James Greiner announced back in January that he would not be seeking reelection. Below is a tweet by Megan Scott, a left-wing candidate who plans to run for the seat:

Scott's tweet was a reply to a screenshot of a now-deleted post from the OKC Police Department asking for information regarding theft of "thousands of dollars of Trump merchandise from a vehicle" in Oklahoma City.

The city of Norman, just south of Oklahoma City, is going through some serious drama over the mayor and council's partial defunding of their police department. Is Oklahoma City going to be next city targeted for similar efforts?

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  1. Well Why doesn't she leave some of her valued items out on her front porch get stolen Then she what she thinks?


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