Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Relative of Mexican massacre victims: hold onto your guns

Last Monday, nine American citizens were gunned down in Mexico by a drug cartel, caught in an ambush on a highway in the northern state of Sonora. The caravan of three vehicles was headed from one Mormon community to another for a family wedding; six of the victims were children ranging from eight months old to twelve years old. Eight children survived and were eventually rescued after hiding in the brush.

Kendra Lee Miller, a sister-in-law of one of the victims, went on CNN last week and had this to say (17:10 mark):
“I don’t know where you’re standing on the whole, people-trying-to-take-the-away-guns-in-America right now, but I say, fight for those guns,” she told Cooper. “These things are happening here in Mexico because the people can’t protect themselves, because by law they’re not allowed to own these guns. So since the government isn’t doing their job of protection in the way that they should, these cartels can just wreak havoc and the people are left defenseless. So I say, hold onto your guns, people.” [transcript courtesy of]
When a people is disarmed, and unable to legally protect themselves, anarchy and oppression by barbaric criminal elements such as exists in Mexico is the ultimate end. All the more reason for Americans to cling to their guns and resist efforts by Leftists to disarm us.


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