Friday, November 01, 2019

Constitutional Carry authors answer myths, present facts on new laws

Authors of Constitutional Carry comment on bill's implementation 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City) and Sen. Kim David (R-Porter) today commented on the implementation of House Bill 2597, known as "Constitutional Carry."

“The right to bear arms is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Starting Friday, Oklahomans lawfully allowed to carry a firearm can do so without improper infringement and without having to pay for a state permit. This should not discourage people from training to learn how to use their weapon. In the 15 other states with constitutional carry, citizens are safe and responsibly exercising their right to bear arms. Oklahoma is proud to join those states in more fully protecting this constitutional freedom as our founders intended.” – Rep. Echols, House Majority Floor Leader

“Most Oklahomans won’t notice a difference after the enactment of constitutional carry. Some are using scare tactics and warning Oklahoma will turn into the ‘Wild West’ after Nov. 1. It didn’t happen in Arkansas and Kansas when constitutional carry became law there, and it’s not likely to happen in Oklahoma either. Constitutional carry is an important policy that strikes the right balance in protecting both Second Amendment rights and private property rights.” – Sen. David, Senate Majority Floor Leader

House Bill 2597
Allows Oklahoma citizens age 21 or older to carry a firearm in public without a permit, and allows active duty military personnel or veterans age 18 or over to carry a firearm in public without a permit.

  • Prohibits felons, illegal aliens, persons adjudicated with mental illness or those with domestic violence convictions from carrying a firearm
  • Allows private property owners to prohibit customers and guests from carrying firearms on that property
  • Allows public and private colleges and universities and government buildings to prohibit students, employees and guests from carrying firearms on that property
  • Keeps in place current law that requires a background check for the purchase of a firearm
  • Keeps in place current training and licensing program for those who want to obtain a permit for the purpose of reciprocity in other states

House Bill 2010
Follow up bill to House Bill 2597, allows Oklahoma citizens to carry a firearm on property owned, leased, operated or managed by a public trust.

  • Including municipal zoos and public parks of any size
  • Allows those properties to prohibit open carry but not permitless, concealed carry


Myth: Anyone can buy a gun now.
Fact: The law maintains current background check requirements before firearm purchases.

Myth: Anyone can carry guns now.
Fact: The law does not remove the restriction on people with felony records carrying guns. It is still illegal. Furthermore, the law restricts illegal aliens, persons adjudicated with mental illness or those with domestic violence convictions from carrying a firearm.

Myth: People can have a gun anywhere now.  
Fact: Private property owners, like businesses and restaurants, can prohibit visitors from carrying firearms on private property.

Myth: Constitutional Carry will turn Oklahoma into the Wild West.
Fact: The same claims were made when the state passed concealed carry and open carry laws. Fifteen other states allow Constitutional Carry, including Arkansas and Kansas, while Texas provides Constitutional Carry “Light,” allowing citizens to carry without a permit in their vehicles to and from their home, business or land.


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