Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Abolition group calls on Gov. Stitt to take stand on ending abortion

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Free The States, an organization that grew out of Abolish Human Abortion and Dan Fisher's 2018 gubernatorial run, has launched a campaign entitled Stand With Stitt aimed at encouraging the Oklahoma Governor to follow up his pro-life rhetoric by supporting abortion abolition legislation.

Specifically, Free The States has set up an online petition for supporters to sign:

The petition reads as follows:
An Open Letter to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt:
Dear Governor Stitt,

There is a chasm in our culture. It is not between pro-lifers and pro-choicers. It is between those who possess moral opinions about abortion and those who take moral action to stop abortion. It is time to move beyond the profession of a pro-life position and the promise to “protect life.” The only way to truly protect all human beings in the womb is by abolishing abortion. The only way to abolish abortion is by defying the unconstitutional ruling in Roe v. Wade and criminalizing abortion as murder.

Please do more than promise to “sign any pro-life bill “ that makes it to your desk. Dozens of pro-life bills have been signed by pro-life governors in pro-life Oklahoma, and yet thousands of children are still being murdered every year in our state. It is time to move beyond the pro-life strategy of merely regulating abortion. It is time for Oklahoma to become the first Abortion-Free State.

We don’t need another status-quo, pro-life politician for Governor. We need an Abolitionist Governor who will take a stand and use their lawful authority to create a true culture of life in our state by establishing equal justice for all human beings immediately. The murder of innocent children by abortion already violates the highest laws of our land and your executive leadership and action is the key to bringing about the abolition of abortion. There is no need to wait for the courts to change their mind or for the legislature to pass a measure. Your responsibility is to act today.

Will you be that Governor? Will you be our generation’s Wilberforce? Or will you be content to regulate abortion, thereby signing your name in history as the Governor who did nothing to free the state of Oklahoma from its participation in the American Abortion Holocaust? Now is the time to Abolish Abortion in Oklahoma. You can lead the nation in repentance and change the course of human history. Becoming a “top-ten state” will not matter one bit if you choose not to lead in this area.

Be strong and courageous. If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place and bring shame upon you. But perhaps you were appointed for such a time as this! If you stand up, we will support you! We will rally to you! If you seek justice and lead the fight against the lawless and bloody tyranny of the Supreme Court, we will follow you.

You can view or sign the petition here, as well as read additional arguments for the campaign.

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  1. It's time to end this evil. Oklahoma is tired of politician's actions contradicting their rhetoric!


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