Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maps: 2012 and 2016 Oklahoma presidential results compared

This latest installment in my Election Results Maps series compares the 2016 presidential results to the 2012 presidential results.

Here's the overall picture. In 2012, Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama by 33.54%. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 36.4%, a 2.86% increase:

The vote percentage shifted in the Democrats direction in 7 counties. In 3 of them, Trump got between 72.34% and 78.1% of the vote, while Romney had received between 77.18% and 85.82%. Trump's smallest spread in these "trending"-Democrat counties was still +10.51% in Oklahoma County.

2016 added a new element in that we had a third-party candidate for the first time since 2000. As a result, both the Republican and Democratic nominees received lower vote percentages than in 2012.

This map shows the increase and decrease in county percentages for Donald Trump compared to Mitt Romney's 2012 showing:

Trump had lower percentages than Romney in 15 counties, with the biggest decrease in McClain County (-7.72%). Of the counties with the top 20 highest increases, 16 came from counties in the 2nd Congressional District.

This map shows the changes in county percentages for Hillary Clinton compared to Barack Obama's 2012 figures:

McClain County was the only place where Clinton bested Obama's 2012 percentage, increasing by 3% (from 14.18% to 17.18%). She fell by double-digits in 19 counties, with the largest coming in Mayes County (-16.3%).


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