Monday, November 07, 2016

Bridenstine: Trust Trump... to be the better President


The question I was asked to address is: Whom do you trust?

Trust involves seeing a high probability that your expectations will be met, based on a consistent series of behaviors, with a low level of risk or uncertainty.

Someone with a very short track record like Donald Trump, having only been a politician for a year and a half, is harder to predict than Hillary Clinton, who has been an active politician for over 30 years.

I see a very high probability that Hillary Clinton will continue her proven pattern of behavior in pursuing a very liberal, activist agenda supported by the radical left and an unhinged media.

Mrs. Clinton blames all of her scandals on partisan politics. In the 1990’s, she blamed the sexual predations of her husband on a “vast right wing conspiracy.” She publicly called her husband’s victims “trailer trash,” “narcissist looney toons,” and “bimbos.” At one point she even said she would “crucify her” when describing how she would go after President Clinton’s victims. We can trust Hillary Clinton to continue smearing all who stand in her way.

Mrs. Clinton places personal ambition ahead of national interests and even national security. The evidence of this is visible in her illegal usage of a private server to handle scores of classified emails, her effort to obfuscate the events that precipitated the attack in Benghazi, and her use of Bill Clinton Inc. to make herself personally very wealthy from foreign governments. We can trust that she will continue to place selfish ambition above her country.

Mrs. Clinton stridently believes that a baby is not a life until the moment of birth, further stating that a person has no rights before that moment. In an era when scientists acknowledge that a baby’s heart begins beating between 14 and 21 days and a baby can feel pain at 20 weeks, we can trust that Hillary Clinton will continue to deny the science.

Mrs. Clinton favors open borders. We have seen her and other liberals fortify this position by consistently opposing controlling our borders unless illegal aliens are given a path to citizenship. We can trust Hillary Clinton will continue to conflate border security with amnesty.

Mrs. Clinton believes in a single-payer, government controlled healthcare system that she began advocating decades ago. Competition, leading to innovations and cost reductions, will be eliminated.

Imagine Veterans Administration health care for all Americans, including higher costs, longer waits, and zero choices. We can trust Hillary Clinton to continue advancing terrible health-care policy.

No one can deny that there is a high probability your expectations will be met with Mrs. Clinton, including higher taxes, more regulation, and bigger, more intrusive government control. This is based on a consistent series of behaviors over a long period of time.

In contrast, Donald Trump has spent his adult life outside of politics. His persona reflects a businessman involved in the vulgar entertainment business and the declining moral culture in the United States, all perpetuated by an indecent, irresponsible media.

That media, in fact, gave Donald Trump his national fame. Where the media once lauded him, they now feign outrage to advance a radical leftist agenda.

We can trust the media to cover every unpolished statement of the businessman if he becomes President.

Donald Trump campaigned on lowering taxes, reducing regulation, protecting religious liberty, and appointing judges who will defend the Constitution. If Mr. Trump follows that direction, I trust that he will be the better President of the United States.

I also trust that the media will never let you know that he has done anything good.


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