Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election Results Map: Presidential Race

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here is the presidential race.

Obviously, Donald Trump crushed it in Oklahoma.

Trump's worst counties and Clinton's best counties:

  • Oklahoma: Trump 51.69%, Clinton 41.18%, Johnson 7.13%
  • Cleveland: Trump 57.14%, Clinton 35.48%, Johnson 7.38%
  • Tulsa: Trump 58.40%, Clinton 35.55%, Johnson 6.05%
Trump's best counties and Clinton's worst counties:
  • Cimarron: Trump 89.32%, Clinton 6.50%, Johnson 4.18%
  • Beaver: Trump 88.82%, Clinton 7.87%, Johnson 3.31%
  • Ellis: Trump 88.17%, Clinton 8.49%, Johnson 3.34%
Johnson's best counties:
  • Payne: 8.36%
  • Cleveland: 7.38%
  • Oklahoma: 7.13%
Johnson's worst counties:
  • McCurtain: 2.50%
  • Dewey: 2.67%
  • Atoka: 2.78%
Hillary Clinton received single-digit percentages in 8 counties (all in northwestern Oklahoma). Donald Trump got over 80% in 17 counties (mostly western Oklahoma plus Atoka and McCurtain in the southeast). His smallest lead was still a healthy 10.51% in Oklahoma County.

I'll try to get around to comparing these results to the 2012 results sometime soon.


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