Friday, November 11, 2016

Election Results Map: State Questions 780 & 781

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here are State Questions 780 and 781.

First, SQ780:

31 counties voted in favor ('yes' vote average of 55.29%), while 46 voted against ('yes' vote average of 43.72%). Support was primarily confied to the areas with moderate-to-large cities, with the top three counties being Oklahoma (69.88%), Cleveland (65.92%), and Tulsa (64.68%).

Now, SQ781:

Just 21 counties voted in favor (average vote of 55.52%), while 56 counties opposed (average 'yes' vote of 44.22%). Once again, the top three counties were Oklahoma (66.42%), Cleveland (63.28%), and Tulsa (62.40%).

This was the most indecisive of the state questions, as the 'yes' vote in 42 counties ranged from 45% to 55%. The far northwest and the southeast were most strongly against, while the metros were the only areas of strong support.