Thursday, March 31, 2011

Romney wins '2012 GOP Primary Madness' Championship

Our 2012 GOP Primary Madness has now come to a close, and the champion 'chosen by the people' is Mitt Romney. After racking up wins (some of them very close) all the way through five rounds, Romney defeated Mike Huckabee in the final matchup with a vote of 499 (59%) to 350 (41%).

Congratulations to the victor of our 'March Madness' style contest - Mitt Romney!


  1. i call BS. He is bearly a Republican, let alone a conservative by any means. Obama is arguably more conservative than he is, based on record. That would be a Democratic Primary for a General Election.

  2. Good thing you didn't put money on your bracket. Only one of the final four are correct. You also didn't even include Dr. Paul. You are terrible at this game!

  3. Anonymous
    These results were not "my" bracket; each round was open for public vote for several days, and this is how it ended up.


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