Thursday, March 31, 2011

Former Democrat OK Senate Leader Mike Morgan indicted for bribery, extortion, mail fraud

Late-breaking news from the Oklahoman:
Mike Morgan, a former leader of the Oklahoma Senate, has been accused in a 63-count federal indictment of accepting more than $400,000 in illegal payments from three companies while a legislator.

His attorney, David Ogle, said the indictment is politically motivated and Morgan, a Democrat, will be exonerated. The indictment became public late Wednesday.

The federal grand jury alleged Morgan conspired with Edmond lobbyist William Andrew Skeith and Oklahoma City attorney N. Martin Stringer to influence legislation on behalf of two of the companies.

Morgan, 56, is a Stillwater attorney. The illegal payments were disguised as legal fees mailed to Morgan, grand jurors alleged. Grand jurors said he was not paid further after he left the Legislature at the end of 2008.

Morgan, Skeith and Stringer are charged together with two counts of conspiracy, one count of extortion and 59 counts of mail fraud. Morgan faces an additional count of bribery.
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Steven said...

Isn't it great when dirty people get a bath......remember, let GOD sort them out, and it will work every time.....YES....!!!

Steven P, Florida