Thursday, March 10, 2011

OKGOP: Howard Dean to Train Oklahoma Democrats

Oklahoma Democrats Set to Receive Training from 
Howard Dean's "Democracy for America"

(Oklahoma City)- First it was Obama's community organizing training, now the infamous leftist Howard Dean. What's next for the Oklahoma Democrat Party? A Nancy Pelosi Women's Conference?

On the heels of historic losses in 2010, the Oklahoma Democrat Party has decided to double-down on Saul Alinsky-like far left tactics.

This weekend, Howard Dean's political activist group "Democracy for America" will be holding a Campaign Academy sponsored by the Oklahoma Democrat Party, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Andrew Rice, as well as the County Democrat Party for Oklahoma, Tulsa, Canadian, and Cleveland counties.

The featured lunch speaker will be former Governor David Walters. While in office, Walters pled guilty to election he's set to teach Democrat activists.

"Oklahoma Democrat activists and candidates have taken training and aide straight from Obama's community organizing machine and now they are taking a page out of Howard Dean's playbook," said OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell. "Forget about moderating, it's clear the Oklahoma Democrat Party is making a hard left turn, and conservative Democrats from Cimarron to McCurtain and from Jackson to Ottawa counties and in between should find this turn alarming."

"Each election cycle Oklahoma Democrats try to convince Oklahomans that they're conservatives, but end up legislating as true liberals," continued Pinnell. "I commend Oklahoma Democrats for finally showing where their loyalties lie. We are sure voters will remember their ties to Howard Dean and Barack Obama when they again try and convince voters that they are 'conservative' Democrats in 2012."


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