Saturday, March 19, 2011

2012 GOP Primary Madness: Elite 8

Now that the Sweet 16 round of our 2012 GOP Primary Madness series is over, we're on to the Elite 8! Voting will be open through Wednesday - cast your vote below.

Division 'A'

Division 'B'

Division 'C'

Division 'D'


  1. I live in Tennessee and voted for Gov Romney, your chart shows no vote from Tennessee.????
    what gives?????

  2. Jerry: for some reason (and you'd have to ask about it), the map never quite totals up to the actual vote total; some votes don't show up on the map. They're still counted, and show up in the grand total, but the state might not be marked (or might not have as many votes as were actually cast from there).

  3. Where is Herman Cain - one fo only two that actually has an exploratory committee going and who is building a lot of support in NH, Iowa and elsewhere?

  4. Allen West is the only one I want for 2012. Nobody else comes even close.

  5. Bobby Jindal is NOT eligible to be POTUS. Both of his parents are from India, thus NOT a natural born citizen.

  6. SP Gordon: Cain 'lost' to Mike Huckabee in the Sweet 16 (last round). The remaining candidates have won two rounds of voting.
    TejasKat: Jindal was born in Louisiana. He is a natural born citizen.

  7. I am new to this poll...It is awesome. I was wondering though, how did you determine who was up against whom at which division they were in?

  8. Denel: there actually was something of a method behind the 'Madness' (pun intended). After seeding the candidates (with input from some friends) I split the top four 1-seeds up (Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich), and tried to, as best as possible, do head-to-heads of similar candidates.

    For example, I pitted Bachmann and Cantor together - both are congressmembers. Perry and Brewer are border governors. T-Paw and Walker are governors of neighboring states. Huckabee and Roemer are fromt he south. Christie and McDonnell were both elected in 2009. Barbour and West are from the south. DeMint and Johnson are more libertarian than the rest of the field. Giuliani and Bolton both have a national defense/foreign policy emphasis.

  9. I see. Is it possible to see the results from the previous rounds...meaning the percentages each of the candidates received?

  10. Denel: the results from Round 1 are here, and the results from the Sweet 16 are here.

  11. I would like to see West/Rubio or West/Bachman.

  12. In the past two hours, there has been a huge influx of Huckabee votes. Interestingly, his supporters appear to have voted AGAINST all of the Tea Party candidates (DeMint, West, Bachmann). That's telling.

  13. Wow...the races are very close. If the newbies voting for Huckabee, but voting against the TP guys, can we assume that normally Buchmann, West, and DeMint would be way ahead?

    I personally would love to see a DeMint/Buchmann or DeMint/West ticket. Let DeMint get in there and kick butt for 8 years, then have Buchmann or West take up the reigns for another 8 years. That would give us 16 years to get this country back in shape!

  14. Oh, man. Here we go...
    2012 & 2016: DeMint/West
    2020 & 2024: West/Buchmann
    2028 & 2032: Buchmann/the George Washington being raised by a Patriot Mom right now.

    I put West first, then Buchmann, because of the age thing...I think West is a bit older than Buchmann.

    You know the libs think that far in advance!

  15. Huckabee voters tend to vote only once in these polls even though it is usually possible to vote more than once (which makes them no more than interesting). We just get the word out when we hear of one so naturally you will get an influx at any one point in time.

    I don't think you can make a case that Huckabee supporters are non tea party supporters, quite the contrary. Huck supporters are VERY MUCH pro little government, fiscal responsibility and Constitutional principles. To suggest otherwise means you are uninformed and just parroting those who do not like him for nonsensical and nonwarranted reasons. I encourage research.

  16. I was only responding to your statement that they voted against DeMint, West, and Bachmann. I was not suggesting they are typically anti-"Tea Party".

  17. This poll wasn't posted to any of the Huckabee pages until today. Also it's dumb to say they're voting "against" a Tea Party candidate like West...HELLO West is opposite Huckabee in the match-up! I think it's funny that someone claims DeMint and BachMann who are serving their 2nd and 4th terms are considered "Tea Party" in a sense that they are "new" or "outsiders." Guess who was the first person to come out and publicly support Marco Rubio over the "establisment" favorite Charlie Crist?
    Furthermore DeMint and huck have been very much on the same page through the 2010 elections. I receive regular emails from both and most of the time they were supporting the same candidates and principles.

  18. Seems to me that some folks might just be voting against the more formidable candidates for the finals. It IS a bracket, after all.

  19. I do not believe that Huckabee voters would vote blindly against Tea Party candidates. I know many people that supported Alan West and Marco Rubio but would support Huckabee if he chose to run for President. I believe that West, Rubio and Huckabee have the most important quality to be in political office which is common sense.

  20. I like Huckabee, Bachmann, and DeMint.

    In that order.

    But if DeMint backs the architect of RomneyCare again, I'll have to withdraw my support of him.

  21. Leslie Howard-RedweikMarch 21, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    My guess is if you think Huckabee voters don't support the TEA Party you know almost nothing about it. I was the TEA Party listed person on websites for my local area, and held our fist TEA Party rally and went to DC 3 times in the last several years as such AND was/am a Huckabee coordinator. Virtually everyone I know who supports Huckabee (being a coordinator, that means A LOT of people) also support the TEA Party ideas or were themselves "Tea Partiers". You really don't know anything about Huckabee or his supporters if you don't know this. lol
    So now you know. :)

  22. As a Marine Veteran, member of the DAV and MOPH (3), grunt, 1stMarDiv. I am supporting my friend, Allen West for President.

  23. Yes, please do your research. Huckabee's record is that of a big government nanny-stater.,2933,316496,00.html

  24. Where should we poll next week LINK:

    6% 7

    13% 15

    New Hampshire
    28% 31

    2% 2

    Total Votes : 112

  25. Anonymous :24

    Who do you support that is more conservative than Huckabee?

  26. I don't want ANYMORE career politicians b/c how is that working out for us so far? So in my view, that leaves out Gingrich (too much baggage anyway), Romney (Romney care ALONE will defeat him), Huckabbe is a nice guy but too much of an "awwshucks" type of person and he doesn't have that "IT" to beat Obummer.
    I was going to vote for Palin, but now my main man is HERMAN CAIN!!!! Granted he has already "lost" in the second round, but he WILL be a force to reckon with in the caucuses and primaries to come.


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