Friday, March 11, 2011

2012 GOP Primary Madness: Round 1

(click to enlarge)'s 2012 GOP Primary Madness has officially begun! Ladies and gentlemen, voting is now open!

The polls will be open until Tuesday, March 15th. If there are any problems with the voting, please leave a comment, or email me at

Division 'A', Round 1

Division 'B', Round 1

Division 'C', Round 1

Division 'D', Round 1


  1. If these are the choices then None of The Above!

  2. It appears as if the system lets one vote multiple times. Just testing it, I voted a few times for Rick Perry -- take off the last 4 votes. Pretty simple to just repeatedly vote if one goes to the dashboard.

  3. Anonymous: Hmm.... it wasn't supposed to do that... I'll try to fix it for the next round.

  4. Romney's ahead!? What the heck is wrong with so many so called "Christian Conservatives"!!!???? Romney was the first governor to issue homosexual marriage licenses not to mention his flip flopping on the murder of unborn children (abortion) and Romney Care, which Obama eyed very closely while creating Obama Care.

    We Conservative Republicans BETTER WAKE UP!

  5. Both choices (Romney and Karger) are pro gay marriage. However, apparently, Karger is an activist. That's probably why. Can't say for certain, however, just my take on it.

  6. Disappointed that Ryan was matched up against Cain. I like both of them very much.

  7. Anonymous -

    How pathetic are you to take liberal garbage and regurgitate it here in such a manner about Romney. Have you even looked at his record in Mass re: traditional marriage vs. gay marriage? Didn't think so. And as far as abortion goes - are you saying that you would rather a person not become pro-life? Is changing ones view on it worse than becoming pro-life? By your argument it is. You might as well not be out there arguing for people to see your point of view on abortion because if they change then you will see them as unworthy to have a changed point of view. Sheesh!

    You blinded far right wing nuts better get a grip on life and figure out how to make valid points.

  8. Mitt Romney's gotta be the nominee. President Obama is the most scared of facing Mitt Romney in the general election and his "death hug" must not work. If President Obama is able to trick enough conservatives out of voting for the best candidate (Romney), then the GOP will deserve to lose.

  9. Ben,

    There is nothing wrong for someone to change their position on murdering children to saving children. Not at all! Mitt has flipped at least 3 times while in or running for public office. It's laughable that you are refering to my points as "liberal regurgitation", while Mitt is one of the biggest libs in the Republican Party.

  10. I may be a nut, but at least I'm screwed on to the right bolt! lol

  11. No Ron Paul? Shame...


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