Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coming Friday: 2012 GOP Primary Madness begins!

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It's the time of year when people across the fruited plains get out their pens and fill in their brackets. Who makes it to the Sweet 16? Who falls in the Elite 8? Who wins in the Final Four, and who takes the National Championship?

Well, I decided that it was about time to put a little twist on "March Madness", and do a 2012 GOP Primary Madness version.

So, starting tomorrow, each of the candidates in the above bracket will begin to face off. Thirty two candidates will compete, but only one can be victorious! Who will end up as the winner of the 2012 GOP Primary Madness?

You'll have until March 31st to decide that!


  1. Jamison, I consider you a pretty fair and intelligent guy. May I ask why Dr. Ron Paul is not on here. On the contrary some serious oddballs are listed including Trump who is not even running. I suppose it's your blog and a free country, I just found that odd.

  2. The main reason I left Ron Paul off is that there is a tendency for any online poll with him in it to have major problems with spammers. It's just an unfortunate fact. That's honestly why I didn't include him.

    As for the oddballs, many of them have said they are considering or have already announced that they are running for President. I needed some low-seed candidates. :-D And as far as others (like Thune and Trump), I needed to come up with 32 names that are somewhat believable.

    Not all of the candidates in my bracket will run. Most of them probably won't. But they are names that are or have been tossed around as candidates.


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