Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OK Senate Dems try to explain GOP interest in Josh Brecheen/SD6 - bad poll numbers in SD42

The Oklahoma State Senate Democrats PAC issued the following press release today, after attention has been drawn to Senate District 6 and GOP candidate Josh Brecheen. Brecheen is running a stiff challenge to eight-year incumbent Jay Paul Gumm (D-Durant).

The Democrats reasoning for the GOP's new interest in Brecheen? Bad poll numbers in another district. Read below:

OK Senate Democrats PAC: What’s Sending Oklahoma Republicans on a Desperate “Fishing Expedition” in Southeast Oklahoma? Dismal Poll Numbers in Senate District 42

Oklahoma City – Recent polling out of Senate District 42 shows Sen. Cliff Aldridge’s re-election hopes are fading fast – which might explain why State Senate Republicans are suddenly interested in playing in Southeast Oklahoma.

“When Oklahoma State Senate Republican leadership and campaign operatives suddenly announced their interest in Josh Brecheen and Southeast Oklahoma, the question that immediately came to mind was ‘why’,” said Jody Murphy, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State Senate Democrat PAC.  “And by the looks of things, the only answer we can come up with is ‘desperation.’”

Poll numbers released today by the Oklahoma State Senate Democrat PAC from a late-May poll of likely November voters in Senate District 42 conducted by Myers Research Strategic Services indicate that two-term incumbent Sen. Cliff Aldridge’s re-election numbers are extremely weak:
  • Just 27% of voters polled would choose to re-elect Sen. Aldridge, while 33% would choose someone new;
  • Sen. Aldridge’s re-elect is even weak among voters in his base of registered Republicans – just  45% of registered Republicans say he deserves to be re-elected, while 19% say they would choose someone new;
  • For a two-term incumbent, Sen. Aldridge’s name recognition is dismal, with just 45% of likely voters able to identify him by name;
  • Finally, and most shockingly, just 26% of voters rated Aldridge favorably, while 12% gave him unfavorable personal reviews.
With poll numbers clearly painting Sen. Aldridge as vulnerable, State Senate Republicans and their campaign operatives may be more disappointed with Sen. Cliff Aldridge than they are enamored with Josh Brecheen and his long-shot campaign.

“If I was working with an incumbent with poll numbers as dismal as Sen. Aldridge’s, I might be interested in going on a desperate fishing expedition in Southeast Oklahoma too,” said Sen. Andrew Rice, incoming Senate Democratic leader and Chairman of the Oklahoma State Senate Democrats PAC.

This press release smacks of fear on the part of the Democrats - fear of losing SD6 to Josh Brecheen.

Brecheen held a fundraiser last night in Durant with U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn. I was able to attend the event, and let me tell you, the Democrats have plenty to fear. Over 250 people were at a Republican fundraiser in Little Dixie, and probably 90% in attendance were local residents.

photos courtesy of Karen Kraakavik-

Sources close to the campaign state that, while they were still counting the funds raised, Brecheen has more than closed the fundraising gap with Gumm just from the money raised at the one event last night. According to the last ethics reports, which covered up until August 9th, Gumm had $73,297.09 in cash on hand, and Brecheen had $23,139.77.

Yes, if I were the Democrats and Jay Paul Gumm, I'd be going on a "desperate fishing expedition to Southeast Oklahoma"...


  1. I thought it a strange argument as well. For starters, polls taken right before the Democratic gubernatorial primary had Edmondson winning, so basing an argument on a poll from the end of May is silly (and hardly "recent" as they claimed). Secondly, if you look at Aldridge's Senate district, it's mostly the House districts that have elected Charlie Joiner, Gary Banz and Lewis Moore. I'm not sure that's the best place for a Democratic upset. Finally, switching the argument from District 6 to District 42 is a diversion the likes of "pay no attention to the man behind the screen."

  2. Oh, and Aldridge's Democrat opponent, Mike Kelly, hasn't updated his website since before that "recent poll" was taken, so what does that tell you?

  3. I like the "why are Republicans SUDDENLY interested in playing in Southeast Oklahoma" question. The remark contains an implied assumption that SE Oklahoma is their sand-box and how dare a true conservative come play in their rhetoric-filled litter box! They (the Progressive bunch who want you to believe they are a bit Blue-Dog) are SHOCKED (and unterstandably rattled) by this boldness. The fact of the matter is that it is due to their inept Progressive actions that a true conservative could even contemplate a run in SE Oklahoma. They can't see this however, and Josh WILL take this seat. Mr Gumm...The Times, They Are A Changin'


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