Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2nd District Update

The race on the Republican side for the 2nd Congressional District has gone to a runoff, with candidates Charles Thompson and Daniel Edmonds qualifying for the "overtime" round of the primary. Here is a quick roundup up the latest events, in chronological order.

Thompson supporters have been passing around the rumor that if Edmonds does not win the runoff, he will support Dan Boren in November. Edmonds issued the following press release on Monday to combat the rumor.

Edmonds Pledges Support to Conservative Republican Cause
Edmonds: "Our common goal is to replace Dan Boren in Congress."

(Morris, Oklahoma-August 2, 2010):

Daniel Edmonds, candidate in the August 24 runoff election for the Republican nomination in Oklahoma's Second Congressional District, today commented on the runoff election.

"I look forward to the runoff campaign to see who will go on to face Dan Boren in November," Edmonds said. "I will continue to campaign on the issues that are important to the conservative cause."

"Whomever the voters choose to carry the Republican banner in November, I will continue to support the conservative cause," Edmonds continued. "I will work towards one of our common goals, which is replacing Dan Boren as our Congressman."

Edmonds, whose previous political experience includes stints as the Agricultural Policy Intern for the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives and the Frank D. Lucas Agricultural Policy Scholar for Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK 3) in Washington, DC, is running for office for the first time.

Daniel Edmonds, a seventh generation Oklahoman in Okmulgee County, has a BS and MS in Plant and Soil Sciences from Oklahoma State University. Learn more about his campaign at

On Tuesday, former candidates Howard Houchen and Dan Arnett endorsed Charles Thompson on KFAQ's Eddie Huff Show. The runoff election is on Tuesday, August 24th, and the victor will go on to challenge Democrat Congressman Dan Boren in the November general election.


  1. Daniel Edmonds is the man best suited for the job of representing the 2nd District.

  2. If Charles Thompson wins, I will either be forced to vote for Boren or not vote at all.

  3. Why is Thompson a worse candidate than Boren?

  4. Anonymous 1: that's ridiculous. Charles Thompson, albeit not my ideal candidate, is much more conservative than Dan Boren. We need conservative Republicans in Congress to push back the Obama agenda. Voting for Boren or simply not voting does not help.

  5. Is Thompson really more conservative than Boren? He has some really radical ideas such as declaring that Islam is not a religion and should be banned from the US. That doesn't sound too conservative. Instead, it's pretty scary.

    I'm not sure about voting for Boren, but you have to give Boren props for being a nice guy and quite charismatic. That's more than I can say for Thompson.


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