Wednesday, November 9, 2016

All judges retained, but lose at least one county

Oklahoma votes on whether or not to keep judges on the Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals. Never in state history has a judge or justice lost a retention vote, and the lowest statewide percentage a judge got this time around was 58.71%.

However, every judge on the ballot lost at least one county. Here's the list, with their statewide percentage in parentheses.

James Winchester (61.32%) lost Atoka, Cimarron, Hughes, Pushmataha, Roger Mills.
Douglas Combs (58.71%) lost Atoka, Cimarron, Hughes, Kingfisher, Latimer, McCurtain, Okfuskee, Pushmataha, Roger Mills.

Tom Thornbrugh (61.03%) lost Atoka.
John Fischer (60.42%) lost Atoka, Roger Mills.
Larry Joplin (60.68%) lost Atoka.

Clancy Smith (59.93%) lost Atoka.
Robert Hudson (61.31%) lost Atoka, Roger Mills,

As you can see, Atoka County was the lone county to vote "NO" on all judges. Here's the Atoka County vote:

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