Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2012 GOP Primary Madness: Elite 8 Results

The Elite 8 round of our 2012 GOP Primary Madness has come to a close, and here are the results (with links for more details on the voting):

The most votes, by far, were cast in this round - and in the Romney/Thune matchup in particular. There were 958 votes cast in the "Minnesota Matchup" of Bachmann/Pawlenty, 3323 votes in the Romney/Thune poll, 2303 in the Huckabee/West race, and 828 in the Jindal/DeMint duel. Only five states had no votes cast in this round of Primary Madness.

Voting will now begin in the Final 4 round, and will continue through Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

You have obviously started to get national attention, but can you break this out and show the results of those who cast vote from Oklahoma?