Tuesday, July 12, 2022

CD2 runoff: John Bennett endorses Josh Brecheen

As I posted yesterday, the 14-member GOP primary in the 2nd Congressional District ended with State Rep. Avery Frix and former State Senator and Coburn staffer Josh Brecheen squeeking by into the runoff, with 14.74% and 13.75%, respectively.

Since the end of the runoff, Brecheen has been endorsed by several of the candidates who did not make the runoff, including Marty Quinn (which I posted yesterday). Today, here is the endorsement by former State Rep. and ex-OKGOP chairman John Bennett, who placed fourth with 11.33% of the vote:

In case that doesn't load properly, here is Bennett's endorsement quote: 
"Josh is the true conservative choice in Oklahoma's 2nd congressional race to represent this God-blessed-constitutional-republic. To have a true America-first agenda, we must have leaders willing to put themselves second to convenience, fame, and politics as usual. Josh will serve with integrity and consistency, upholding the constitution and biblical values, and has the record to prove it from his self-term-limited time in the State Senate. Josh Brecheen is the real deal, a brother, a friend, and a constitutionalist. Josh has my formal endorsement and full support. Join us in sending a constitutional conservative to Washington DC."

I concur. Josh Brecheen is hands down the only conservative choice in the 2nd Congressional District runoff.


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