Thursday, July 28, 2022

Walters, Treat, even Hofmeister call for removal of porn from TPS library; TPS Sup't wants them to "knock it off"

The social media activist 'Libs of TikTok' has uncovered sexually explicit and graphic material available for students to access in the Tulsa Public Schools library system. Specifically discovered were the graphic books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Flamer’, which depict explicit acts of sodomy.

Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters was the first public official that I'm aware of to speak out against it, but he's been joined now by as varied an assortment as Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat (R) and State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister (D).

Be advised, the content below is hidden by default (thank you, Twitter) but is sexually explicit:

And yet, Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist wants people to "knock it off" in criticizing the school district for content like this:
Disgusting. The public school system in Oklahoma is increasingly being infiltrated by certifiable creeps intent on introducing sexual perversion to America's children.

Below are statements from Hofmeister (who is running for Governor as a Democrat), and State Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat (R-OKC):

Hofmeister demands quick removal of pornographic books in school libraries

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 27, 2022) – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister today made the following remarks after a social media post revealed the presence of two obscene graphic novels potentially available in Tulsa Public Schools.

“This is inappropriate, sexually explicit material. It’s pornography that does not belong in any public school library.

We’ve reached out to Tulsa Public Schools and are calling for the books to be removed immediately.

All school districts should review and evaluate what will be available in their libraries for the coming school year and remove any inappropriate materials.

Parents have the right to review what books are available in their children’s schools, and to direct what their children have access to, so they can have confidence their children are in a safe learning environment.”

Senate Pro Tem Treat Condemns Tulsa Public Schools Sexually Graphic Library Books
Pro Tem Treat Calls on TPS Superintendent to remove books

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat today released the following statement after it was discovered that sexually graphic books were available in several Tulsa Public School libraries [WARNING, graphic content], available to children in the district. 

"What has been discovered in the Tulsa Public Schools library is appalling and nothing short of deplorable. It is indefensible to have children exposed to images and material that is the definition of pornography. It makes no difference whether it’s same sex, opposing sex or anything in between, children should never be able to view these images in a public school sanctioned library book. It doesn’t matter who authorized these books to be admitted in the library- I am calling on the Tulsa public school superintendent Deborah Gist to do the right thing by taking action by removing these books immediately.” - Oklahoma Senate Pro Tempore Greg Treat 


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