Thursday, November 01, 2018

'Yes on 793' blasts opposition's fear-mongering ad

In the latest in State Question 793's battle over access to eyecare in retail establishments, the 'Yes' side responds to a, quite frankly, absurd ad from the 'No' side.

Statement From YES ON 793 Campaign

In the recent TV ad by the special interest No on 793 campaign, pushing to preserve their one-sided deal that drives up eye care costs, they are claiming you will have a better chance of not having cancer detected by an optometrist in a retail setting if 793 passes– That is simply NOT TRUE. An optometrist in a retail setting has the same licenses and oversight as one in a traditional setting. The ad is False, Misleading and Unethical to the thousands of optometrists across the country, 47 states in fact, who choose to practice in retail settings.

Dr. Allison Brewer, a Walmart located optometrist, went to school at Northeastern State in Tahlequah, but didn't have the same opportunity to stay in Oklahoma after graduation. Dr. Brewer was featured in the September 2018 Women in Optometry issue (click on link to see page 25 - featuring Dr. Brewer), which is a national publication focused on women in all practice models. Optometrists in retail settings are the same professionals you see in traditional settings. The misguided rhetoric from the "no" side is now contradicting a respected industry publication and making false claims about optometrists who practice in retail settings.

The NO campaign should retract their ad. It is not true. 

On quality of care, Dr. Brewer notes she has patients with vision issues on a regular basis that might be indicators of other health issues, and in the instance of the article, determined it might be MS. Dr. Brewer’s story directly counters the NO campaign claims that the patient wouldn’t have received the same level of care in a retail environment.

The No campaign continues to spread lies and misinformation and using the innuendo this will affect the detection of eye cancer is shameful.


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