Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Election Results Maps: Oklahoma Legislature

I've had a busy week since election day, so I'm pretty far behind on posting about the results. Here are two maps illustrating the election results and new partisan makeup in the Oklahoma Legislature.

First up, the Oklahoma State House:

On a night when many expected Democrats to make major gains in the Legislature, Republicans picked up seven seats in the House, while Democrats only flipped three, meaning the GOP now holds an historically-high majority of 76 members to a mere 25 registered Democrats.

Districts that flipped:

  • HD6 - Democrat to Republican (open seat)
  • HD15 - Democrat to Republican (open seat)
  • HD17 - Democrat to Republican (open seat)
  • HD18 - Democrat to Republican (Rep. Donnie Condit defeated)
  • HD24 - Democrat to Republican (Minority Leader Steve Kouplen defeated)
  • HD71 - Republican to Democrat (open seat)
  • HD79 - Republican to Democrat (open seat)
  • HD83 - Republican to Democrat (open seat)
  • HD86 - Democrat to Republican (open seat)
House Democrats are an endangered species in rural Oklahoma, and extinct in Gene Stipe's old stomping grounds of McAlester, the heart of Little Dixie. Both House seats in the McAlester area went red, including the defeat of incumbent Rep. Donnie Condit. More astonishingly, House Minority Leader Steve Kouplen was upset in HD24.

Now for the Senate side:

While the House had a significant shift, the Senate was more subdued. Republicans picked up one seat, while Democrats flipped two, putting the chamber at 39 Republicans and 9 Democrats.

Districts that flipped:

  • SD30 - Republican to Democrat (open seat)
  • SD32 - Democrat to Republican (open seat)
  • SD40 - Republican to Democrat (Sen. Ervin Yen defeated in GOP primary)
On the Senate side, the Democrats lost their sole remaining mostly-rural district, and the only one west of I-35. They are now confined to the OKC-Norman and Tulsa metros.


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