Saturday, November 03, 2018

Now more than ever, Oklahoma needs Stitt/Pinnell

Oklahoma is at a crossroads, particularly for the Republican Party. Will we continue down the road of bigger and more intrusive government, expanded and higher taxes, and increased abandonment of conservative principles, or will we choose fiscal responsibility, conservative values, reined in and accountable government, and more freedom and choice?

That is what Oklahoma voters will decide on Tuesday, and much of that hinges on the election of our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Oklahoma needs Kevin Stitt and Matt Pinnell in a desperate way.

As the Oklahoma economy rebounds, state government will be flush with cash. With the legislature lurching leftward, both through Democrat pickups and moderate Republicans purging conservatives from the GOP caucus during the primaries, the pressure to explode government growth and spending will be tremendous.

Kevin Stitt has made government efficiency and accountability a key part of his platform. He has singled-out some major areas of needed reform in the budgeting process and how agencies operate. Stitt can wield a Trumpian hammer to the status quo in Oklahoma City and bring long-needed changes to how our state is run.

Matt Pinnell makes a perfect fit with Kevin Stitt. Where Stitt has no previous political experience or relationships with elected officials, Pinnell helped get many of them elected in his former role as OKGOP chair. His built-in relationships with many of the players in the Capitol will go a long way toward helping craft and guide the Stitt agenda through the marble halls of the State Capitol.

I think we can count on both Stitt and Pinnell to hold the line against the legislature when they go astray. Pinnell has pledged to take an active role in working with the legislature, and Stitt has already begun regular communication and strategy meetings with legislative leadership -- something that never existed with the current governor and led to major problems.

Both Pinnell and Stitt, with their unique backgrounds and capabilities, will be able to market and promote our state in a way to help facilitate further growth. Oklahoma's image can rebound with the fresh leadership they will provide.

During the primary, Kevin Stitt answered an in-depth survey that I sent to the GOP gubernatorial candidates. You can read his responses here. It was a wide-ranging questionnaire, and he took some very good and refreshing conservative positions on the issues.

The Democrat alternatives to Stitt and Pinnell are both very liberal, and would lead Oklahoma down the wrong path. Combining a liberal Governor/Lt. Governor with a Legislature that is turning leftward would be disastrous for Oklahoma's economy and growth.

Oklahoma needs conservative fighters at the helm of government, ready to face down their own party when it goes down the big government road. Mary Fallin was a catastrophe for the Republican Party; Kevin Stitt and Matt Pinnell are needed to bring conservative principles back to state government.

On Tuesday, I will proudly and enthusiastically cast my vote for Kevin Stitt for Governor and Matt Pinnell for Lieutenant Governor. I hope that you will join me.


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