Thursday, November 01, 2018

'No on 793' airs ad with absurd claim that passage would kill

File this under Ridiculous and Overblown Political Statements. This press release and related television ad is one of those most hyperbolic arguments I've ever seen in politics.

Oklahoma Cancer Survivor: "If SQ 793 Had Been in Place, I Might Not Be Here"

A cancer patient whose life was saved by her optometrist is sharing her story and, in a new statewide television ad, speaking out about how State Question 793 would hurt patients like her. “In 2014, my optometrist saved my life when an eye exam became a cancer diagnosis. … If 793 had been in place, I might not be here today,” says Shawn Miahara, an Oklahoman diagnosed with lymphoma.

In 2014, Shawn consulted Dr. Jason Ellen, a Tulsa optometrist, about puffiness in her eye combined with splitting headaches. After conducting initial tests, Dr. Ellen helped guide her through a series of specialist visits until her cancer was diagnosed and she began treatment. Today Shawn is cancer free.

SQ 793 takes medical care and medical decisions out of the hands of doctors and would allow corporations like Walmart to control how their doctors practice. Patients like Shawn feel that the emphasis on glasses sales, quotas, and limits on the kinds of tests and treatments doctors can pursue will reduce the quality of care, hurt patients and ultimately cost lives. A doctor with a reduced scope of practice might never have done the kind of tests that helped save Shawn's life.

Watch the ad here:

UPDATE: see the response from 'Yes on 793' here.

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  1. That is one of the most utterly ridiculous claims in any political ad, ever, in the history of American politics.


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