Saturday, December 09, 2017

Stitt hits Lamb on Tourism Dep't problems, crashed campaign call

In recent days, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt has been hitting fellow GOP candidate and incumbent Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb on two different fronts.

The first issue is over the "crashing" of a Stitt campaign conference call by Lamb's campaign manager, Keith Beall. Joining the call after receiving a text message informing him that he was missing a campaign call, Beall believes he was "snookered" into falling for a political trick.

Stitt is pressing Lamb's campaign for information on who informed Beall of the call, while on their part the Lamb campaign told FOX 25 that they will "spend no more time on the subject", and instead "focus... on substantive issues".

The second topic Stitt has launched an attack from (similar to another GOP candidate, Gary Richardson) is tying Lamb to problems at the Oklahoma Department of Tourism. See the press release below:


TULSA, Oklahoma (Nov. 30, 2017) – Kevin Stitt, a Tulsa businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate, released the following statement today in response to Todd Lamb’s gubernatorial campaign ethics proposal at the State Capitol:

“It is concerning that in response to a federal government investigation into Oklahoma’s Department of Tourism, the chair of the agency would fail to address this latest state government scandal. The Tourism Department is without an internal auditor and the agency is potentially engaged in illegal activity, and the Lt. Governor’s response is wholly inadequate and insufficient.

“State government has been racked in recent months with repeated instances of misconduct and mismanagement. We need a culture change at the State Capitol while also acknowledging very egregious – and potentially illegal – activity at our state agencies. It is time for wholesale change of Oklahoma’s state government.

“Only a conservative political outsider leading a group of concerned citizens can deliver real, needed change.”

On Wednesday evening, KOKH-TV’s Phil Cross broke a news story that the U.S. Department of Labor is investigating the Oklahoma Tourism Department.

This election cycle is just beginning, and it's going to get interesting.


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