Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Calvey: Increased Revenue Sign of Recovering Economy

Calvey: Increased Revenue Sign of Recovering Economy

OKLAHOMA CITY –State Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Oklahoma City, today issued a statement following the State Board of Equalization’s announcement that state revenues are expected to increase by $425.3 million, significantly reducing the state’s budget deficit.

“These increased revenues are proof that Oklahoma’s economy is recovering.  Growth in the economy happens when we have a stable economic environment and a stable, low-rate tax structure. Lawmakers should not harm this recovery with tax increases. 

The majority of the state’s elected officials were put in place because Oklahomans want their elected officials to make state government more efficient, rather than to raise taxes.  The scandals at the Health Department and other agencies show we have much work to do to ensure Oklahoma’s state agencies are using tax dollars efficiently and effectively. 

“Today is good news for the Oklahoma economy. Let's keep the good news coming by avoiding job-killing tax increases."