Monday, December 04, 2017

Richardson hits Lamb for Ethics Reform plan


December 4, 2017 -- GOP candidate for Governor, Gary Richardson, is challenging Lt. Governor Todd Lamb’s so-called “Reform In Government” plan.  Among Lamb’s proposals, he calls for tighter regulation of lobbyist donations which, Richardson points out, appears quite disingenuous coming from the Lt. Governor. 

    “Todd Lamb has taken more than $5800 in gifts from lobbyists so far.  This is tantamount to a 400 lb. doctor telling a patient to lose weight,” Gary Richardson says.  “Lobbyists have showered Lamb with everything from lavish dinners to Final Four basketball tickets.  It’s ironic Lamb wants to crack down on lobbyists while saying absolutely nothing about fixing the rampant corruption and mismanagement within his own Tourism Department.”

    The malfeasance at the Lt. Governor's Tourism Department was uncovered last week in an investigative report that aired on Fox 25 News in Oklahoma City.

    “What’s worse?  The lobbyist who gives the gifts or the lawmaker who cheerfully accepts the gifts?” says Richardson. “Todd Lamb is the personification of everything wrong with State Government and the poster boy for Oklahoma’s current crisis.  As Governor, I will never accept gifts from lobbyists.  My only special interest is serving the people of Oklahoma with responsible and transparent government.”

    Gary Richardson is a native Oklahoman, a former US Attorney appointed by President Reagan, and founder of a successful law firm in Tulsa.

    For more information on Gary Richardson’s campaign for Governor of Oklahoma visit his website at


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