Saturday, September 30, 2017

Eddie Huff on National Anthem protests: what did Hitler think?

Former KFAQ host Eddie Huff posted these thoughts on the NFL national anthem protests, and I just had to share it:
"For all of those who think the anthem is a symbol of white superiority and oppression, and think President DJT is a racist beneficiary of "White Privilege," I ask one question.

What do you think Adolf Hitler though of when he heard the American National Anthem? Two words:


The 1936 Olympics in Berlin were to showcase Aryan superiority but Jesse Owens, a BLACK, AMERICAN, athlete, Pee'd all over that in winning a record 4 Gold Medals.

Imagine Hitler's demeanor each time Jesse stood on that podium above Hitler's specimens of white superiority. I will bet that Hitler had the Star Spangled Banner banned.

It was not the flag and anthem of Germany, France, Russia, Arab or even African nation that was played. It was the Anthem of the United States of America. Jesse returned HOME to receive a "Ticker Tape Parade" celebrated as national hero.

So the next time a person tells you that the Flag and Anthem are racist symbols, ask them what Hitler thought about that."


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