Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Democrats take another legislative seat in HD46 special election

In the special election held in House District 46 today, Democrats once again emerged victorious, snatching another Republican-held seat away and continuing their recent success in special elections. Democrats have lost only one legislative special election since April 2015, flipping two House seats (HD85 and HD75) and two Senate seats (SD34 and SD44). The "one that got away" was HD28, which Republican Zach Taylor held for the GOP by a mere 56 votes.

Democrat Jacob Rosecrants defeated Republican Darin Chambers 60.41% to 39.59%. Ironically, that's the exact same percentage that Scott Martin defeated Rosecrants by in 2016,  four and a half months before Martin announced his resignation to take a job with the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

House District 46 has a Republican District Rating (RDR) of 48.7, making it the 13th-most Democrat Republican-held seat (36th most Democrat out of 101 seats). Still, past elections have been heavily weighted to the Republican side; 60.41% in 2016, 64.4% in 2014, unopposed in 2012, 80.3% in 2010, 65.76% in 2008.

Until the continued drip, drip of scandals coming from Republicans at the State Capitol is stopped, Republicans can likely expect more losses in the future. The Democrats were unable to turn special election success into general election success in 2016, but 2018 may be different.


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