Thursday, September 28, 2017

Travis Templin announces for SD27 special election

Former Teacher of the Year & Small Businessman Announces for State Senate District 27

Seiling, Oklahoma – Travis Templin has announced his candidacy for State Senate District 27. A special election will be held on December 12th, 2017 to fill the open seat. Templin, a teacher and coach at Seiling Public Schools, believes it is time for a State Senator to step up and start doing what’s right. Northwestern Oklahoma has always been Templin’s home. He was born in Alva, attended Woodward and Gage Public Schools, graduated from Boise City High School, and then Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 1998 where he received his Bachelor of Science in Education.

“Growing up in Northwestern Oklahoma taught me the values of hard work, family, & a strong
community. We have got to have a strong voice to represent our district – not the out of state special
interest groups trying to control our government. We also don’t need to elect another career politician,” said Travis Templin. Templin was awarded “Teacher of the Year” in 2016 and his wife, Amanda, also a school teacher, received the award in 2017.

“I’ve known Travis and his family for a long time. You never really know what will go across a legislator’s desk, but you can get to know their heart and what motivates them – Travis Templin is a man of integrity, honor, and character and I know we can count on him to do the right thing,” said Kirk Pittman, a member of Travis Templin’s Advisory Council.

Travis and Amanda, have two children – Kylie and Kaden and one grandson, Karter. While Templin has spent most of his life in public education, he also has experience in agriculture and oil & gas, with oversight of large budgets. “There is no reason for our state to be creating new taxes. We are taxed too much already. The private sector creates jobs, opportunities, and the best path for success – not the government,” says Templin, “It is time we start prioritizing our resources and best appropriating the funds our state is given by its taxpayers.”

Templin is a Conservative Republican who believes in cutting wasteful spending and stopping
corruption. He believes in balancing a better budget for years ahead so businesses can thrive and the
economy can grow. “Agencies need audited and held accountable for the funds they receive. Wasteful
spending should stop. We must reform education and invest in infrastructure. We must also take care of rural healthcare and emergency management services,” stated Travis Templin.

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So far, the other announced candidates are State Rep. Casey Murdock and OKGOP National Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty.


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